These really predate the production Enterprise SSDs by a couple decades, IIRC.

na, just enterprise SSDs. :)

Some improvements with hardware for sure. Moved to SSDs, and favored higher speed CPUs over core count. Things are snappier!

Pnut went through maintenance very well, with ~1.5 hours of downtime to change servers. :)

A blog writing writing club! :P

luckily, plenty of people ask you how you write every day, giving you ample material to respond to in said writings! XD

Things can either be verbose or complex, in my experience. :}


it's always refreshing when a big change like that is simple!

how will one visit that page? will stop redirecting?

Certainly. I had the same problem on Broadsword, so I set Moment to use the logged in user's timezone instead of the device timezone. Could be wrong, of course, but then it is setting to what the user sets, and doesn't need the user's device info.